Milton Keynes Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics

Beginner Gymnastics

Beginners Gymnastics is a great starting point for children who have little to no experience in gymnastics, our comprehensive program designed to introduce individuals from 4 – 16 year olds to the exciting world of gymnastics. These one-hour sessions are carefully crafted to provide a solid foundation in the fundamental skills and techniques required for gymnastics. Whether you are a child exploring new interests or a fitness challenge, our beginner-friendly sessions will guide you through the basics of gymnastics in a fun and safe environment.

Intermediate Gymnastics

In the intermediate classes, gymnasts will have the opportunity to refine their technique and build upon their existing foundation they have built in our beginners class. These classes serve as a bridge between the beginner level and more advanced levels, ensuring that young athletes receive the appropriate instruction and guidance to enhance their abilities. These sessions are 1.5 hours long allowing ample time for skill development, conditioning, and progression.

Advanced Gymnastics (Invite Only)

In advanced classes gymnasts train towards higher level skills on the equipment and start to work towards full routines on apparatus which allows them to compete at competitions. This class is 2 hours long to allow more time for skill development and conditioning. Gymnasts are selected to be invited for a trial in our advanced class if they are showing good progression from our intermediate classes, however if you feel your child is ready to move to our advanced session please contact to arrange a trial.

Club Gymnastics (Invite Only)

This class is for gymnasts who are wanting to pursue gymnastics to a higher level. Gymnasts will be invited to train for longer sessions and availability for more than 1 day a week and will be perfecting routines to compete at Bucks and county level.

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